From the BBC:

Frasier remains one of the US’s most successful TV sitcoms.

It ran for 11 seasons - between 1993 and 2004 - and won 37 Emmy Awards, including five for best comedy series.

“There has long been a call from fans for its return, and that call is now answered,” David Stapf, president of CBS Studios, said.

I am delighted by this news. Frasier is one of my favourite comedies.

My hope for the reboot is that they don’t try to recreate Frasier (the show) by bringing back the original cast. It’s meant to be the next chapter, so let it be the next chapter. The premise of Star Trek: Picard didn’t revolve around the Enterprise-F with same crew as the Enterprise-D1. Treat it the same way as Frasier treated Cheers and have the original cast appear every now and then as special guests.

  1. Funnily enough, Kelsey Grammar did appear in Star Trek: The Next Generation; while Sir Patrick Stewart appears in one of the funniest episodes of Frasier. ↩︎