As I get up-and-running with Hugo I am making some small tweaks as I go.

  • I’ve updated the article permalink structure for the site: they will now appear under a /:year/:month:/{slug} structure. As a result—and I apologise—some of the older posts on the site may reappear in RSS readers as the <guid> used in the feed was based on the permalink. All future posts use a UUID or MD5 for the the RSS <guid> or JSON "id"1.

  • The RSS (/index.xml) now includes the full content of each article and will use post identifiers for newer articles instead of the permalink. (The JSON feed (/index.json) was already set up for full content and post identifiers.)

  • I’ve settled on using Ideal Sans as the site’s font.

  • Custom typography and Bigfoot.js footnotes add a bit of weight to the site which can affect loading times. I’ve made some performance improvements to mitigate that where possible.

  • I’ve enabled privacy-focussed analytics from Plausible. (I’m on the fence with this one. It may disappear.)

  1. I’m not aware of a way to generate and include a UUID in an Hugo archetype. My solution is to use an MD5 hash of the date when creating new content via hugo new posts/ ↩︎