Julia Carrie Wong and Sam Levine, for The Guardian:

Twitter for the first time took action against a series of tweets by Donald Trump, labeling them with a warning sign and providing a link to further information.

Trump’s tweets include numerous false statements about California’s plan to expand access to voting by mail in November due to the coronavirus outbreak. The tweets now feature a light blue exclamation point icon, with the message “Get the facts about mail-in ballots”. The alert label may not be visible when the tweets are embedded in another web page, such as below.

It is remarkable that it has taken this long to start displaying these warning messages. It is, however, disappointing that these warnings are only available on the Twitter website and official Twitter apps. They are not displayed in third-party clients or, as The Guardian points out, on embedded tweets (though I imagine embedded tweets will get them soon).

The Get the facts page that Twitter has put together is worthy of praise. It is thorough, well researched, and well presented.