When the Singapore Government announced an extension to the so-called Circuit Breaker I was less than pleased. Working from home—as a family—means hopping between the desk, the dining table, coffee table, and the bed, to get some work done. Working from home is made even more complicated by home schooling. The extension to the Circuit Breaker meant at least another five weeks of this search for a place to work, and even more trouble for my back. Something had to change!

I went in search of a second desk—a proper, stable place to work. However, being cognisant of the fact the COVID-19 situation is temporary, I didn’t want to spend too much money, as I’d very likely get rid of the desk once some resemblance of normalcy returned. Three requirements, then: something stable, something inexpensive, and something I don’t mind throwing away.

The solution is this:

The Poppi Desk, Hexa Stool, and Bin.

It’s called the Poppi Desk from Paper Carpenter. It cost just S$25, so it ticks the inexpensive box. It is stable: I’ve used it with my work laptop, MacBook Pro, and iPad Pro and it has very little shake unless you give it a good knock. It is temporary and recyclable.

A few things to note:

  • I opted to for the package that comes with the Hexa Stool. This stool has absolutely no back support, so I don’t use it and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else does either.
  • There is a shelf on the underside of the desk that isn’t well positioned—unless you are careful, your knees hit it every time you pull your chair in.

Overall, I am very happy with this desk. Once things start going back to normal I will recycle it.