My next app, Singapore Rail, is now available for testing on TestFlight. Right on the cutting edge, it’s written entirely in SwiftUI, except the bits that need UIKit.

As I wrote in Singapore Transit is 2:

My intention is to separate Singapore Transit into three apps:

  • Singapore Buses
  • Singapore Rail
  • Singapore Traffic

Why do this?

First, each app will have a specific area of focus and this has clear benefits. For example, the map will become central to the Singapore Buses experience rather than part of a tableview, which itself is sandwiched between a Tab Bar and Navigation Bar.

Second, each app will be easier to maintain and update. As Singapore Transit has got bigger, this has become a bit harder.

At a minimum, these apps will support iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

The current build of Singapore Rail supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. Over-and-above the functionality available in Singapore Transit, you can fine-tune notifications on a per-line basis, so if you’re only interested in the Downtown Line, you can subscribe to notifications for that line alone. Additionally, Singapore Rail has a Today Extension that displays the current status of MRT and LRT lines. Siri Intents will be added in the next release.

Lastly, a Mac app is almost ready for testing but is not quite there yet.

If you want to test the beta release you can sign up here: