One of the stranger design choices in iOS 13’s context menus is that icons are placed on the right of each context menu action. It’s jarring to look at and inconsistent with the rest of iOS.

Here are some examples where the icons are placed in alternate left and right positions. From a usability perspective, I feel placing the icon the left is the most user-friendly way when displaying menu options and actions. The user scans the glyph then reads the action (if required), as opposed to reading the action, crossing a chasm and scanning the glyph.

Douglas Hill has gone spelunking in search of a solution:

This poor readability bothers me enough that I thought about implementing a custom menu for my reading app. But then I decided that would be a lot of work, it would feel non-standard to the user, and it could not affect the share sheet anyway. Therefore I looked into hacking Apple’s menu layout instead.

On his blog, he has presented a solution which puts icons on the left.

The end result is a clear improvement—to my eyes—and I hope Apple adopt it in iOS 14.