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1Password for iOS Now Auto-Copies One-Time Passwords

1Password is an app I cannot live without. It’s the first app I install on a new iOS or macOS device. However, a long bugbear has always been the way the app handles one-time passwords:

  • you’d be on a login page;
  • you’d open 1Password to get the username and password;
  • the username and password would be inserted;
  • then a one-time password page would be presented;
  • you’d go back into 1Password to copy the one-time password; and,
  • then you’d paste the one-time password

It was a laborious process, but, thankfully, that’s no longer the case. In v6.8, released yesterday, a new feature was added:

One-time passwords now copy themselves to the clipboard automatically whenever you fill an item that has a one-time password.

It’s such a welcome feature. 👍🏻