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16-inch MacBook Pro—Webcams and Kernel Panics
1 min read

16-inch MacBook Pro—Webcams and Kernel Panics

I think the 16-inch MacBook Pro is fantastic in every way, with two exceptions.

The first exception is the webcam: it is rubbish. It’s criminal that Apple hasn’t updated the webcam in the MacBook range since 2012. I’m resigned to this never improving, it’s a hardware issue after all and Apple seems to have no interest in upgrading their webcams, even on the Proest of Pro MacBooks. (Note: Reincubate looks like it might be a way to improve things.)

The second exception was software related. Until recently, when I closed the MacBook lid and put it on the charger, it went to sleep (as it should). Then, after a little while, the MacBook Pro shut down. When restarted, macOS presented the Your Mac was shut down due to a problem dialog.  

The fix was to disable Power Nap when on the charger.

I was not the only one having this issue. However, I am glad to report that this issue seems to have been resolved with the macOS 10.15.5 release as I've had no kernel panics since installing.


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