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A 1,000 Year Simulation of Football Manager

“That’s right. You’re not seeing wrong. 1000 years of holidaying in FM15, in just England. I started this on March 4th and it took 58 days of simming to get to 1000 years. And now that it’s all over and the data is all compiled…”


Over the years I’ve lost so many hours to Football Manager but I only last around a maximum seven seasons before starting all over again, so when I saw that someone had simmed 1,000 years worth of the game, I couldn’t help but take a look at some of the more outrageous statistics.

####Premier League

  • Most Times Winner: Sheffield United (168)
  • Highest Attendance: 112,278 (Burnley vs Preston)

The current big four definitely fall back from their role as glory custodians and let Sheffield United in. Burnley – at the Harry Potts Arena – racking up the highest attendances.1

####FA Cup

  • Most Times Winner: Burnley (101)
  • Highest Attendance: 126,047 (Bolton vs West Ham) (in 1923)

Burnley, not content with having the highest attendances across the land, also one of the FA Cup big shots with the most wins. It’s good to see that the highest attendance has stood the test of time.

####League Cup

  • Most Times Winner: Sheffield United (90)
  • Highest Attendance: 112,278 (Burnley vs Preston)

Sheffield United really get their game on in domestic competition, while Burnley’s Harry Potts Arena again hosts the highest attendance.

####Champions League

  • Highest Attendance: 523,945 (FC Red Bull Salzburg vs Red Star)
  • Highest Average Attendance: 576,199 (Celtic)
  • Top Goalscorer: Cristiano Ronaldo (17) (2013/14)
  • Most Goals in a Match: Lionel Messi (5) (2012)

I think there’s a bug as the average attendance is higher than the highest attendance. That being said, with over half a million people going to a match you can only imagine how good the view must be. Two more records that stand the test of time with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi holding their own for more than a thousand years.

####Stadiums The Top 10 largest stadiums:

  1. Harry Potts Arena — Burnley (112,278)
  2. Wakefield Arena — Rotheram (105,915)
  3. Quaranta Arena — Sheffield United (90,273)
  4. Verhoeven Stadium — Bromley (87,436)
  5. Jaouen Arena — Plymouth (86,386)
  6. Bridges Stadium — Hull (85,693)
  7. Anderson Park — Southend (83,881)
  8. Wenger Arena — Arsenal (81,170)
  9. New White Hart Lane — Tottenham (70,312)
  10. The Stadium of Light — Sunderland (68,000)

It’s hard to piece this together. The only thing that’s immediately obvious is that The Stadium of Light must be falling apart, given that it’s over 1,000 years old.

####World Cup

  • Number of Times Scotland Win: 1


N.B.: I’m waiting to download the save game. Seemingly, Celtic won the SPL every single year of the entire simulation.

  1. Note: The Harry Potts Arena has a larger capacity that the population of Burnley.

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